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Prima Filtertehnika is the leading company in the field of industrial filtration, with more than 25 years of tradition. A number of foreign and Slovenian companies place their trust in us in the following industries:

  • glassware
  • stone-working
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • food
  • electronics
  • metalworking
  • cosmetics
  • paper
  • wood
  • cement plant
  • lime production
  • foundry
  • machine-processing
  • incineration plant
  • lacquering
  • grinding machinery
  • power plant
  • refinery plant
  • other processing industries.

air filters

water filters

fuel filters


natural gas filters

A high-quality air filter will ensure the smooth operation of a machine, while the environment will also be grateful for the installation of the same. Our stock includes a number of standard air filters, while we can also provide you with an even more demanding an air filter upon request. On the basis of the received sizes, sketches or catalogue markings, we can make a PRIMA filter using the most suitable materials that will optimally serve its function.

Clean, good quality water is important both in households and industry. Since the problems with the preparation of technological water are very different, each customer receives individual treatment. Our offer includes mechanical industrial water filtration, water softening, i.e. limescale neutralization, UV water disinfection, ultrafiltration and industrial rainwater filters.

Our company develops and produces special purpose fuel filters. Structure- and purpose-wise, these filters are slightly different compared with their usual designs, because they operate in much more demanding conditions – high differential pressure, high temperatures in combination with aggressive substances in the medium, etc.

Separators of compressed air include compressor cleaners and vacuum pumps. The function of the separator is to extract water and oil from the air. In order to achieve the longest possible life of the cleaner, air cleaners are installed in the so-called prefiltration, which, before the entrance into the system, extract a relatively high percentage of hard particles in the air.

Natural gas is used in industry, trade and service activities, households, for the production of heat and electricity and as fuel in transport. Acquired natural gas contains hard particles, mucilage, hydrogen-sulphides, oil and other contaminants. Therefore, these should be removed by proper filtration before gas reaches chemical treatments and pumps – compressors.

Trust us with your machines, devices and vehicles, because we only deal with filtration and can boast valuable experience. Our offer includes:

  • Visiting and field counselling
  • Production of filter cartridges upon request
  • Inspection and determining filters according to sizes or markings
  • Highest protection of your machines and devices
  • Longer life of your machines and devices
  • Less downtime – smooth production

With our own production and cooperation with many of the most respected filter manufacturers, we only provide you with the best and deal with the most complex filtering problems. Our offer includes:

  • Hydraulic filters
  • Filter cartridges for natural gas
  • Separators of compressed air
  • Process filters
  • Filter cartridges with activated charcoal
  • Filters made from wire materials
  • Air filters for different industrial purposes (dust extraction, sandblasting, vacuum cleaner filters)
  • Filter baskets and filter sieves
  • Filters made from stainless materials
  • Bandpass filters for emulsion filtration
  • HVAC filtration (case filters, pocket filters, filter bags, absolute filters)
  • Various filter materials (kofil, glass fibre, foam, stainless fabrics and other materials)
  • Filters based on sizes and the request provided by the customer


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