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Wired erosion (WEDM) is a metal processing technology in which the wire, 0.1 to 0.3 mm thick, usually made of brass, immersed in dielectric, erodes the hard, heat-treated workpieces. The wire travels between two guides, the workpiece being inserted between them. Wire erosion is used for the treatment of high hardness materials, where conventional procedures are not suitable, as well as for the processing of demanding contours, where high precision and processing tolerances are required.

Submerged erosion (EDM) is a metal processing technology where the electrode erodes its shape into the workpiece. The workpiece is immersed in the dielectric, while copper alloys or graphite are used for the production of electrodes.

Filter elements for erosion machines are mostly of standard shapes and filtering quality. Dielectrics must be cleaned of all impurities that occur during the wire and submerged erosion process. For the good functioning of the erosion process the quality of the ionisation resin itself is extremely important, as well as the purity of the water in the system itself. Larger erosive cleaners contain two filter membranes, and the membrane itself is made in the form of lamellas loaded over the entire height of the filter.

Our erosion filters allow you to clean the dielectrics efficiently and, as a result, to achieve precise processing in electro-erosion machines.

Our product range includes:

  • Submersible erosion filters (EDM)
  • Wired erosion filters (WEDM)
  • We have a number of standard erosive filters in stock.
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