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Filters for different applications as a whole do not have a precisely defined purpose of use, as they are mainly non-standard and custom-made cleaners. They often appear in various rectangular shapes, in the form of a sieve, bags or just as cut mesh and filter papers. Two cleaners which are identical in appearance can have completely different purposes and different internal compositions.

The sieves are mostly made for the transfer of liquids or major coarse particles through the mesh or the filter paper. This includes cleaners for gas, adhesives, coolants, emulsions, technological water and cleaning of other media. Apart from the filter elements in this group, a number of filter bags used in dry filtration, to retain various powders, and wet filtration, to filter different liquids.

Our custom-made filters for various industrial applications:

  • air
  • oils
  • paints and varnishes
  • solvents and adhesives
  • resins
  • water
  • emulsions
  • gases
  • other liquid and gaseous media
  • filters with activated charcoal

In our company we will do our best to satisfy all your filtration requirements, therefore our Department of Development offers technical support in developing all types of industrial filters of various applications to suit your specific needs, with the delivery in the shortest possible time. Our responsiveness and flexibility are to your advantage. Call us and we will be happy to help!

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