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Natural gas is used in industry, trade and service activities, households, for the production of heat and electricity and as fuel in transport.

Natural gas comes from underground, and thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines are built in Europe. A number of compressor stations are located along the pipeline, which increase the pressure in the pipes and push the gas forward.

Before raw gas is ready for use by the end consumer, it needs processing and refining. Acquired natural gas contains hard particles, mucilage, hydrogen-sulphides, oil and other contaminants. Therefore, these should be removed by proper filtration before gas reaches chemical treatments and pumps – compressors.

A solid particle filter should be inserted in front of the pump, and a filter separator behind it, which removes any oil aerosols that come from the compressor itself.

The prescribed industry standard for the filtration of natural gas includes the removal or capture efficiency of the magnitude of 0.3 - 1 microns, when it comes to contaminants that are the most difficult to capture. The large surface of the pleated filter medium ensures a long service life and a sufficient flow rate of the filter cartridge. A standard filter cartridge has a pleated membrane made from different materials, inner steel reinforcement and aluminium extensions.

Our company offers filter cartridges, separators and combined separators for the filtration of natural gas.

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