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Compressed air separators include compressor cleaners and vacuum pumps as well as separators that come fitted behind the compressor or dryer in the pipeline itself. The function of the separators is to extract water and oil from the air. In separators, the medium is a mixture of air, water and oil. When passing through the filter membrane under high pressure, it slows down the air so that the oil and water are converted into droplets and drained into the interior or exterior of the filter, from where they are then returned to the system, or automatically or manually discharged. Apart from water and oil, compressed air contains other elements in the form of solid particles, moisture and traces of heavy metals. In order to achieve the longest possible life of the cleaner, air cleaners are installed in the so-called prefiltration, which, before the entrance into the system, extract a relatively high percentage of hard particles in the air.
For undisturbed operation of pneumatic assemblies we produce and supply filter separators that allow the separation of oil aerosols, water vapour and solid particles, which are a result of the preparation of compressed air.

Our offer includes:

  • Separator cartridges
  • Threaded separators
  • Separators for vacuum pumps
  • Standard and tailor-made solutions for separating water and oil from the air

Apart from our own product range, we offer oil and water extractors from the air by Donaldson Ultrafilter.

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