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At Prima Filtertehnika d.o.o. we offer a complete process filtration product range with which we guarantee the highest standards of purity:

  • compressed air filters
  • steam filters
  • liquid filters
  • gas filters
  • sterile air filters

Liquid filters

Compressed air filters

Gas and steam filters

Filters for industrial liquid filtration are used in beverage (juices, bottled water, alcoholic beverages), food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, including dairies, breweries, and wineries.

Almost every production company uses pneumatics – compressed air. This is produced by using screw (oil-free or oil-lubricated), piston, turbine-centrifugal and rotary compressors, as well as blowers. If negative pressure is needed, vacuum pumps are used.

Our offer includes a wide range of products by Donaldson Ultrafilter, a world-renowned company for gas and steam filtration.

Areas of application:


Water and non-alcoholic beverages





The product range includes products by a world-renowned manufacturer, Donaldson Ultrafilter, which manufactures the following products:

  • filter housings,
  • filters,
  • all necessary accessories,

intended for the microfiltration of media, such as compressed air, gases, steam, CO2, water and other liquids.

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