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Filter materials that are used for the purpose of spatial filtering, are usually made of polyester and fiberglass materials. The latter are used as a coarse underground filter in industrial paint spray booths, which only purpose is to retain particles of paint and varnish.

Filter materials made from polyester fibers or so-called kofils, they filter in the range of G2 to G4, and are destined for filtering an entry or exit of air flow in paint chambers, cut into various formats are also used as filters of electrical boxes, aggregates and other machine tools. Therefore kofil is suited for rough - preventive filtration and also allow greater flows.


Types of filter materials:

  • KOFIL filter F5 as a ceiling or the input filter in the spray chambers
  • KOFIL filter as the output filter in the spray chamber or the protection of electrical boxes and other machinery in the industry
  • Fiberglass as a ground filter of the spray chambers or coarse filter, where are presence of higher temperatures
  • Cardboard filter most frequently used as wall paint filter in the spray chambers

Thus fiberglass as kofil filters we always have baled in stock, if desired we can also cut them to desired formats.

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