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Devices, machines and engines must be maintained as a preventive measure, thus they should be regularly inspected, checked and serviced. The first filter to be replaced is the air filter.

A high-quality air filter will ensure the smooth operation of a machine, while the environment will also be grateful for the installation of the same. Our stock includes a number of standard air filters, while we can also provide you with an even more demanding an air filter upon request. Based on the received sizes, sketches or catalogue markings, we can make a PRIMA filter using the most suitable materials that will optimally serve its function.

Apart from the air filters for motor vehicles, we also offer air filters for compressors, dedicated industrial air filters and air filters for extraction and filtering devices. We are aware of the complexity of the dusting technology, and we pay particular attention to the development of these types of inserts.

Filters for industrial dusting are of various shapes, which vary according to the flow, method of installation and use. Compared to the filter bags, they have a significantly larger filtering surface. Moreover, the used filter materials and the surface differ, and the latter must be sufficient for a given flow according to the intended use. The filter media that is mainly used and installed in this field is made of polyester fibres of different densities and qualities, they can be oil-repellent, water-repellent, antistatic, non-combustible or with teflon coating (PTFE). The quality of the installed filter is influenced by the different standards and requirements when it comes to the amount of emissions into the environment or the atmosphere. The quality of the filter is determined according to the purpose of the extracted medium.

In the extraction systems, more filter cartridges are usually installed, given that in spite of the exhausting and shaking-off, adequate flow is always ensured for the smooth operation of the device itself. For the flawless operation, the dusting systems must have a well-regulated system for cleaning, exhausting or shaking-off of filter cartridges. The installation and structure of the filter cartridge is also adjusted to the method of cleaning.

Prima Filtertehnika has many years of experience in the field of industrial dust extraction and dust extraction systems, therefore we offer a complete selection of filter cartridges for dust extraction according to the performance, quality and level of filtration. We will also provide you with technical assistance, consulting and a range of filter bags of different sizes for both dry and wet filtration.

Our product range includes:

  • Pleated filter cartridges – filtration rates from M5 to H14, to the height of 2,000 mm, with a number of different set-up methods.
  • Panel dust extraction filters – Designed to ensure high efficiency of filtration at the very beginning of the service life. Their compactness enables the customer to receive better operating conditions which they can rely on. We produce filters of different sizes, take into account the customer’s wishes and tailor the product according to the requirements of the application.
  • Case filters
  • Filter elements for oil and emulsion mist for the separation of oil mist, which is formed on machining centres.

We are agents for the companies Donaldson Torit and Teka and we can thus provide you with the original Donaldson Torit and Teka filter cartridges.


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