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Clean, good quality water is becoming more important both in household and industry. Since the problems with the preparation of technological water are very different, each customer receives individual treatment. Our offer includes mechanical industrial water filtration, water softening, i.e. limescale neutralization, UV water disinfection, ultrafiltration and industrial rainwater filters.

When filtering all kinds of liquids, it is first necessary to determine what we intend to achieve with the filtration itself, i.e. we need to know what we want to remove from the liquid. Most often, this requires a chemical analysis of the liquid itself, which helps to determine any problems with the bacteria, small particles, parasites or else in the liquid. Such laboratory results are in general of great help in defining the type or degree of filtration and determining the optimum type of liquid filter.

Several types of filtration can be used to provide drinking water. Our offer includes housings and filter cartridges for both domestic use and industrial purposes. The cartridges can be made of different materials (polypropylene, cotton, polyester, etc.), but their permeability also varies (from 1 to 400 microns). Rough water filtration begins with a stainless or polyester mesh for the removal of rough particles of the size of human hair. The filtration continues with various cartridges, which are either pleated with paper or threaded with a thread of up to 0.1 mm. For the clarification of water, the prefiltration starts at 3 mm and proceeds with fine filtration up to 0.1 mm and less. The system also includes charcoal in sintered form or in the form of granules. Filters can be used to remove particles or odours. For the removal of bacteria, candle filters in stainless steel or plastic housings, UV filtration and ultrafiltration of up to 0.2 microns is used.

We can also take care of the problems with hard water and removing iron, chlorine, bacteria or parasites from the liquid itself. The type of filtration depends on the quality of the media itself. We will help you with the dimensioning of the filters, which is to make sure that the filter removes the unwanted and allows the passing of the desired substances.

In order to meet the needs of the market, we have prepared a wide range of cleaning products for you to use in your household or industrial system. Apart from the cleaners, our offer also includes cleaner housings of various sizes and attachments. The listed cleaners also include softeners or neutralizers, which prevent limestone sedimentation in pipes and devices, such as heat exchangers, cooling towers, radiators, boilers, etc. They also prevent the formation and corrosion on metal walls (iron, copper).

For removing impurities from water and softening it, we offer the following products:

  • Filtering systems for water filtration
  • Filter housings
  • Water filters for washing
  • Wrap water filters
  • Filters made of stainless materials
  • Filter bags
  • Filter bag substitutes – INOX filter baskets
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Water filters with activated charcoal
  • Activated charcoal
  • Softening filters and polyphosphate kits
  • Softening devices
  • Magnetic neutralisers
  • UV disinfection
  • Industrial rainwater filters
  • Filter cartridges on request

Reverse osmosis

Our offer also includes:

  • Complete reverse osmosis
  • Prefiltration required before the reverse osmosis; fine filters of up to 1 micron (most commonly a 5-micron filter is inserted) and, if necessary, activated charcoal filters
  • Pre-preparation of water, which depends on what the water to be subjected to reverse osmosis contains
  • In case of bacterial contamination, a UV disinfector (UV lamp) is installed before the reverse osmosis, which destroys the bacteria. In front of the UV lamp it is necessary to install a 1-micron filter, which is to prevent bacterial shadowing (i.e., the bacteria are “hidden” behind larger solid particles)


For domestic use

for the treatment of drinking water, the removal of odour and taste resulting from the presence of chlorine derivatives, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, heavy metals, microorganisms, and for the strong reduction of the salt content

For technical use

for all processes where demineralized water is needed, the production of drinking water from wells

Reverse osmosis can be used to prepare water of certain chemical and physical properties and microbiological characteristics, which may require certain pre-preparation of water, thus we always need to conduct a complete water analysis.

Filter bag for the filtration of liquids

Filter bags can be used in every application, in a horizontal or vertical layout, to separate solid particles from liquids or gases. Our products are dimensionally adapted to the requirements and wishes of our customers. Bag designs differ, from the standard ones (featuring different filtering materials, rings and reinforcements) to GAF filter bags. The filter materials used include needle felt, fabrics of various types of fibres (polyester, polypropylene, polyamide) and antistatic fabrics, in accordance with the ATEX certificate. Bags can be made by thermal welding or continuous triple sewing. The possibility of use in contact with food, in accordance with FDA certificates, EU1935 / 2004.

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Filtration of rainwater

Rainwater is given to us almost free of charge, in a manner of speaking; all we have to do is intercept it and save it for later use.

The basic household rainwater system usually comprises a water tank, a pump and a diversion of pipes. Since rainwater is usually collected from roof surfaces, rain from the roof simultaneously drains various impurities. In autumn, rainwater brings a lot of leaves and other impurities into the tank, not to mention the dust. If they are not removed, they remain at the bottom of the storage tank and begin to decompose. The result of this decomposition is the growth of microorganisms. Decomposition indicators are turbidity as well as unpleasant odour and taste of water.

Therefore, in the first stage of cleaning it is advisable to mount a mechanical filter with a mesh on the chute or in front of the storage tank. The filter will prevent the leaves and other larger impurities from entering the water storage tank. In addition, it is recommendable to install a coarse filter in front of the pump to protect the latter from damage. It is necessary to check the filters and to regularly change them, because excessive clogging and the reduced flow additionally load the pump.

When doing laundry, car-washing and rinsing, it is necessary to install a 25 – 50 micron water filter for the pump, of a size according to the desired flow. This is done to protect the rainwater consumers, such as a washing machine and a toilet cistern, for which it is recommended to install a three-stage rainwater filter.

If rainwater, capture or spring is the only source of water and you want to ensure a clean and microbiologically safe drinking water, we recommend the installation of a combined filter and ultraviolet (UV) disinfectant system. The compact filtration system and UV water disinfection ensure clean and microbiologically safe drinking water. Environmentally friendly disinfection without chemicals ensures a 99.99% destruction of all microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.


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