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The company Prima Filtertehnika d.o.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of the filter technology, which includes a variety of filter cartridges and filtering devices.

Our beginnings date back to 1990, when the company Prima filtri d.o.o. was founded. The year 2009 was an important organizational milestone for us; the company merged with Imex Filtertehnika d.o.o. and Prima Filtertehnika d.o.o. was founded. By working together and, above all, by constantly investing in improvements and development, we have gained valuable experience that helps us deal with the constant challenges in connection with filtration systems. The company is distinguished by a wide filtration product range, quality, quick responsiveness, adaptability, experience, technical problem solving and tradition. We have firmly established our position as the leading provider of filter technology in Slovenia, which is constantly proved by our loyal customers.

Our product range includes:

  • Filter elements for various industrial applications (filters for air, oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, erosion, emulsion, gases, water, vapour)
  • Industrial dust removing installations and oil mist filters; we also provide servicing of the already installed dust removers
  • Production of filters on request (based on a sketch, given sizes or technical data)
  • Motor vehicle filters (lorries, construction and work machinery, agricultural machinery, vessels, bus product range, railway product range)
  • Process filtration, including filters for liquids, compressed air, gases and vapour
  • HVAC (spatial) filtration – filter bags, pocket and case filters, compact filters, hepa filters

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Our company is the sales agent for globally renowned trademarks which are used in the first installation by a number of manufacturers of vehicles and devices:


One of the greatest manufacturers of filters, with over 13,000 employees, and an inventor of the air filter. Did you know that Donaldson developed the first dry air filter more than 100 years ago? If you are interested in more information about this innovative company, read more here. Donaldson is also one of the few filter manufacturers which develops and patents the materials that are used in the production of filter elements.

Donaldson Torit DCE

Donaldson Torit DCE offers innovative filtration solutions for dust extraction and smoke and oil mist removal. The Donaldson Torit dust extractors will improve efficiency, save energy and extend the life of filters.

Donaldson Ultrafilter

Donaldson Ultrafilter offers a comprehensive filtration spectrum in the field of process filtration – filtration of gas, vapour, liquids and compressed and sterile air. All products are designed to meet the highest standards of purity and quality.

Cummins Filtration

Cummins Filtration is the manufacturer of the Fleetguard brand of filters – designs, manufactures and distributes air, fuel, hydraulic, oil and chemical filters for motor vehicles and products for the technology of exhaust systems for diesel and gasoline equipment. As the only manufacturer of filters which the same time produces engines, Cummins knows exactly how to ensure the best protection of engines. More than a hundred thousand hours of laboratory work and millions of kilometres of field analysis ensure a reliable technology worth trusting!

Cummins too invests heavily in research and development; an overview of their innovation through time can be viewed here.

Prima filtri

Prima filtri d.o.o. is a Slovenian family production company specialising in the production of filter cartridges of small and large series, while placing great emphasis on the production of filters on request. Prima filters are characterised by high quality, given that in their production the highest quality materials by renowned suppliers are used, while all materials are tested in accordance with international regulations and standards. The production of filters using appropriate technology and control procedures and tests ensures great quality and competitiveness of all our products. Finally, the proper installation or fitting of Prima filters enables the smooth operation of machines, devices and vehicles.

In addition to the above mentioned suppliers, we are also agents of Pall, Filtrec, Teka, HIFI and many other companies, with which we supplement our product range.

Join a number of reputable companies on the Slovenian and foreign markets which trust us to ensure the best filters for their machines, devices and working environments. Let us worry about your filtration system!


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