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The so-called roller filters or belt filters (non-woven filter materials) are used to purify the coolant in processing machines through the process of removing mostly metal materials. After the processing and in order to reuse the coolant or the emulsion, it is necessary to clean it from clippings and dust from sanding, milling or drilling after the machining process. Cleaning of cooling liquids is carried out in several ways with different systems. These systems include compact belt, hydrostatic, drum, suction belt, inclined belt, trough, deep bath, vacuum and other. Depending on the purification system and the type of processing, the microstructure, composition and quality of the roller filter also change.

Apart from cleaning the cooling lubricant in production, specially developed non-woven materials can help ensure that the air remains clean, for example, when filtering smoke in power plants or in air conditioners.

We offer many different qualities and sizes of non-woven filter materials (viscose, polyester, polypropylene and many others) for various uses.

Areas of application:

  • Cooling filtration
  • Filter media (for the filtration of dust and / or coolant)
  • Medical applications (e.g., medical pads, curtains)
  • Substrate coating
  • Wipes (e.g., antistatic cloths in the computer sector)
  • Hygienic protection in patient examination, covers for massage tables

Below you will find a list of some of the most commonly used filter materials:

Below you can find the list of benefits of non-woven filtration materials that our company offers:

  • Improving the cleanliness of the refrigerant
  • Extending the life of cooling lubricants
  • Extending the life of the tool
  • Improving the quality of the end product
  • Reducing interruptions due to machine failure
  • Improving the safety of the production process
  • Reducing the cost of the process
  • Roller systems for all systems
  • Wide choice of different materials
  • Cutting bales to required height
  • Constant supply, fast delivery
  • Reducing the costs of maintaining and cleaning the filtration systems


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