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We are agents for the sales of filters for medical applications by Pall. Pall is the leading global company for the development of high-tech medical filtration, which often represents an important part of the patient’s defence system against dangerous pathogens. Apart from providing medical filters for patients, we also provide protection for medical personnel and equipment.

Our product range includes the following Pall products:

  • Water filters in hospitals – for use with pipes, showers and other water sources
  • Water filters in hotels, health centres, homes for the elderly
  • Laparoscopic procedure filters
  • Respirator and infusion filters
  • Filtration as part of the process of medicine preparation
  • Products for the collection and storage of stem cells

Water filtration

Laparoscopic filtration

Respirator filters

Infusion filters

Controlled and hygienically clean cold water, which passes through large diameter pipes during transport, is led from water collection points to the cities. This situation is dramatically changed at the point of entry into a building. Inside the buildings, water stagnates and temperature rises.

Surgical smoke is a mixture of volatile liquids and gaseous components that are a result of tissue decomposition during laser surgery and electrocauterization. Among the components that constitute surgical smoke are the harmful, toxic, teratogenic and carcinogenic biologically hazardous chemicals.

Hospitals are increasingly opting for the Pall anaesthetic system, as it can be used in the period of 24 hours for each patient, regardless of the type of procedure. The main element enabling reuse of the systems is a heat and moisture exchange filter, Ultipor 25.

Infusion filters are designed for medicine dosing and parenteral nutrition. We offer infusion filters by Pall, which belongs to the very top of the development of medical filtration.

Due to progress made in the treatment process, infusion therapy has become increasingly more complex, especially in intensive care units. More and more patients are receiving complex and intensive treatment, during which critical phases of poor life functions appear, which are often accompanied by reduced microcirculation in vital organs.

Pall has made a number of clinical studies for its products as proof of their quality. The company is aware that this particular filtration type has the most critical applications, where risks of infection are extremely high – this is why we ensure uncompromised and proven quality.

As agents of Pall, we offer the opportunity to apply for free internet training, where you will gain the necessary knowledge and news in the field of medical filtration. For more information, please call +386 1/3619260.


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